About Hit and Run

Now one of the fastest growing card lines in the west, Hit and Run Greetings is based in Greetings from L.A.!

If I said you had a nice rack, would you put my cards on it?  

Gird yourself … here comes the new and freshly irreverent Hit and Run Greetings!  

In just over a year since hitting the marketplace, Hit and Run Greetings has become one of the fastest growing, funniest card lines in California and the West.  

Stocked by many of the top shops in the region’s prime travel destinations (see attached partial city/store list), the line continues to fill multiple reorders on over 75% of original orders placed.  

Hit and Run Greetings is now also heading East in earnest across the Mississippi AND, at the request of many current retailers, expanding the line to include additional paper and gift items (see mockups below).

I’m the first to admit, Hit and Run is not for everyone … but if is for you, I’d love to have you on the roster! 

For ordering information, check out the attached catalog or log onto hitandrungreetings.com to see all the card titles, then place your order using the attached "Use Me Order Form.”  I know, I know … it’s clunky.  I’m working on it.  

What’s more fun than watching people crack up alone in the greeting card section of a store?!  

Welcome to Hit and Run Greetings!

Hope to hear from you soon!